How many continuing education (CE) credits do I need to renew my general-insurance license?

Please see Maintain your license. Supporting information is also available at the Insurance Council of B.C. website.

Can CE credits be carried forward?

No, CE credits cannot be carried forward from one licensing period to the next. Please see Maintain your license for more information.

How many CE credits do I currently have?

The IBABC education department can only tell you about the credits you've qualified for through our CE programs. Please contact Ileana Toledo at if you need a replacement seminar certificate.

Remember -- as a licensee YOU are responsible for tracking your overall credits and courses for your license continuation. We recommend that you keep a file dedicated to keeping all of your CE-course certificates and other records of attendance in one place.

How many CE credits will a course offered by another education provider grant me?

The IBABC Education Department cannot comment on the amount and type of CE credits granted by other education providers's courses. Please contact those providers for that information.

What proof does the IBABC provide for my having attended one of your seminars?

To receive continuing education credits from an IBABC seminar, you must sign in and out on the attendance sheets we provide at our education events. Failure to sign in and out will result in loss of credits as these lists provide proof of your attendance.

IBABC provides personalized attendance certificates at the end of all our continuing education seminars, including webinars and online seminars (i.e., pre-recorded). If you don't receive a certificate at the end of one of our events we will send one in the mail to you, as long as you sign in and out on the attendance sheets provided.

Will IBABC seminars qualify me for CE credits towards my life-insurance licence?

Yes, but only some of our management seminars (face-to-face or online) that are accredited for Level 3 licensees will also qualify you for Life CE credits. For a current list of IBABC seminars in your area and online, please visit Find Seminars. For online courses please visit our Online Learning Centre or HyperArticles.

Can I receive CE credits from attending IBABC ward (i.e., area) meetings?

Yes, as an IBABC member you can get credits from attending IBABC ward meetings. Keep in mind, however, that IBABC ward meetings by themselves do not automatically qualify attendees for CE credits. In order to qualify for credits, the area meeting must include bona fide educational content that meets the definition of Technical education as defined by the Insurance Council of B.C. Please contact your local IBABC Area Director or Jenny Ryu, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, at for further information.

Have additional questions or comments about IBABC's education programs? Contact IBABC at 604- 606-8000 or click here.