The Insurance Brokers Association of B.C. serves as the voice of the general insurance brokerage industry and promotes its members as the premier distributors of insurance products and services in British Columbia.

IBABC represents over 870 property and casualty insurance brokerages that in turn employ more than 8,400 people in approximately 140 B.C. communities.

IBABC provides services to its members, and indirectly to the public, in four key areas:

Education - IBABC is the primary provider of pre-licensing and continuing professional education for general insurance brokers in B.C., and the primary examiner for pre-licensing and licensing courses.

Membership services - Members receive savings that benefit their bottom line through the combined buying clout of 822 brokerages. 

Communications - Members are kept informed through BC Broker magazine and other timely communications.

Public Affairs - IBABC represents the interests of the public and its member brokers to all levels of government and to industry stakeholders.


The Insurance Brokers Association of B.C. promotes the member insurance broker as the premier distributor of general insurance products and services in British Columbia.


The Insurance Brokers Association of British Columbia is a non-profit trade association dedicated to:

  • Serve as the voice of the member insurance broker;
  • Provide sound leadership and services to its members;
  • Be the primary resource of professional development for its members and to develop similar education and professional development services for the insurance community as a whole;
  • Maximize the individual talents and strengths of its board and members to promote their involvement in directing the growth and prosperity of the association;
  • Promote strong business relationships with insurance companies that support the insurance broker distribution system;
  • Maintain quality office staff that provides prompt, courteous and knowledgeable service to its members, the public, government, industry and other stakeholders;
  • Maintain a strong interactive working relationship with the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada.


The History Project (1858 - 2010)


Insurance Brokers Association of B.C.
543 Granville Street
16th Floor
Vancouver, B.C. V6C 1X8

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm


Tel: 604 606 8000

Fax: Administration 604 683 7831  Education 604 683 8497